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The Rampant Colt
The Rampant Colt
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The Rampant Colt

The Colt Collection

The Lore of the Legend

For more than a century and a half, the rampant Colt trademark and serpentine Colt logo have symbolized a proud tradition in American firearms manufacturing, a legend in the gun-making trade.
Today, those distinguished symbols now adorn not only Colt's high quality firearms, but also a distinguished array of gifts, collectables, and shooter's accessories. The Colt Collection offers Colt enthusiasts a wide range of distinctive memorabilia commemorating a long legacy of quality, innovation and service to our customers.
Whether you're looking for an appropriate gift for a firearms enthusiast, a coveted award for outstanding performance, a gift for a friend, treating yourself, or an artistically crafted memento of the Colt tradition, you'll find exactly what you need in our collection. Learn more about us or visit