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Serving the Collector for over 40 years

Colt Memorabilia and Collectables can be anything made or used in the operation of the business by the various Colt Firearms Companies over the last 150 years. Memorabilia and Collectables can be firearms, catalogs, paper, glassware, clothing, plastics or simple giveaway items that the factory used to advertise their products. I have been engaged in retail businesses my entire life. My specialties have included retail store management and as a merchandise buyer attending as many as 25 trade shows a year including Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea. In 1985, I became a small business owner with a new career as a manufacturer's sales representative for the import trade selling to customers and businesses in the midwest states.

In my early years, Colt memorabilia and collectibles were my hobby including buying, selling and trading all types of ''only'' Colt collectibles at gun shows all over the United States. In addition to attending trade shows for my company, I displayed my collections at 6-10 gun shows a year. I have won numberous gun display awards for my Colt collections. As I became an expert in Colt Collectibles, my hobby expanded to helping other collectors find 2nd or 3rd generation Colt firearms and collectibles. I enjoyed working with collectors to find those special pieces of memorabilia for their collection.

I am a Charter Member of the Colt Collectors Association (CCA) and hold life memberships in the Ohio Gun Collectors Association and the Maumee Valley Gun Collectors Association. I have been an officer and director in the Colt Commemorative Gun Collectors of America. Presently, I am an officer and Show Co-Chair for the annual CCA all Colt Gun Show. In 2004, I became the CCA Show Firearms Project Manager and continue in that responsibility designing the CCA Show Auction engraved Colt firearms. These very valuable, beautifully engraved Colt Firearms are one-of-a-kind highly prized pieces that are auctioned at our annual show designed to reflect the history of the show state. Through the years I have had the opportunity to work with a number of Master Engravers for Colt and engravers for the Firearms Engravers Guild of America, grip carvers/fitters, display case manufacturers, scrimshaw artisans and the Colt Factory in designing the show collector firearms.

I have the experience, and expertise to assist collectors in designing that special firearm, carved grips and display case. Through my associations around the world, I am able to assist in locating that one hard to find Colt Collectible. If you are looking for information on any particular Colt firearm or memorabilia, I can help you.

I specialize only in Colt Firearms Company memorabilia and collectibles, so as a collector you are given the attention and service you require and deserve.